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Puda Coal Obtains Analyst Coverage from Brean Murray - Target $17

Brean Murray came out with a Buy rating on Puda Coal (PUDA) today with a $17 target. PUDA was trading sub $10 yesterday and is currently up 12% today with a new 52 week high. Since PUDA was an uplisted China stock, its greatly lacked in visibility even though its in the process of consolidating 12 coal mines that are in high demand in China. This coverage should go a long way in providing visibility and credibility to PUDA.

The stock has huge upside since the first 2 mines won't be consolidated until May. Even with that, PUDA expects to earn $1.10 to $1.50 in 2010 based off a profitable coal washing business plus a partial year of these 2 thermal mines. Lots of upside from the other 6 thermal mines and especially the 4 new coking coal mines they just got approval to consolidate.

Read more about PUDA from a post we wrote on March 15th - Puda Coal Cools Off But Will Heat Up Again.


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