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Poll of the Day: Was the House correct to not pass the bailout bill?

It's interesting that as the day closes this Smartmoney.com poll is actually very close to 50/50. We've been led to believe over the last few days that 100:1 of constituents for these House members involved in this vote are against the bill. Ironically this poll tells a different story. CNBC.com also had a poll that earlier today actually showed more people in favor of passing the bill. With CNBC having more of hardcore investor following, I find the Smartmoney.com poll more compelling and reflective of the general population. Goes to show that people for a bill aren't as likely to complain. Or just maybe a lot of people changed their mind today after seeing the market reaction. With the markets being the ultimate real time polling mechanisms, just maybe we'll see a re-drafted bill approved. After all, these polls suggest the House members voting for the bill won't be in such bad shape come voting time after all.

Edit: The poll ended up at 46% for the bill. Maybe the public is still agains the bill, but the % for it is alot higher then we've been led to believe.


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