IB Net Payout Yields Model

Net Payout Yield Focus: Boeing (BA)

Another day, another drubbing for Boeing (BA). BA is now down 47% from its 52 week high due to plane delays, machinist strike, and a weak overall market. All of this is good news for somebody wanting a high yielding stock. BA has been buying back stock at a rampant pace of late. Over the last 12 months, BA has bought back nearly $4B of stock with a current market cap of just over $42B. This gives BA a buyback yield of nearly 9%. Add on the 2.7% dividend and you get a net payout yield of nearly 12%. This yield is incredible considering the market position and financial strength that BA claims.

It's possible the strike goes on longer than expected and causes huge financial disruptions to BA, or maybe the global growth story will continue to erode and plane order will be canceled and pushed out. Regardless, BA has the financial strength to outlast the issues and will continue to buyback stock at these lower levels and issue a nice dividend. The longer the stock remains this low, the more stock they buy back and the higher future earnings will be increased.

When extreme fear exists and long term prospects remain intact, that's the time to buy. My portfolio added BA yesterday and sold Dupont (DD). With DD only yielding 6% now, BA offers twice the yield, making it much more attractive.


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