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Twitter: Outdated Negativity

Citron Research issued a $20 price target that isn't likely to be reached.
The negative call is based on a 2017 report that's already outdated.
The 2019 revenue growth rate doesn't accurately reflect the ongoing turnaround of the social media platform.
A healthier Twitter will exceed the growth rates of competitors, warranting a higher stock price.
The social media space continues to get hit by fears of data privacy and abuse mostly related to prior years. Twitter (TWTR) ended down more than 23% to $27 last week as Citron Research flipped back to negative on the stock based on a study of 2017 tweets by Amnesty International. My previous research already discussed the improved health of the network and this report doesn't appear to do anything but prove why the company has aggressively moved to cut trolls.
Read the full article on Seeking Alpha. 

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