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Aurora Cannabis: Questionable Mexico Deal

Aurora Cannabis agrees to buyout distribution partner in Mexico after one business day.
The company has now formed an extensive global distribution and partnership network at the cost of major shareholder dilution.
A legitimate investor should question whether Mexicans will buy Canadian cannabis with readily available domestic supplies.
Maintaining key support at $5.40 is crucial for owning this cannabis stock.
When a company issues news seen as generally bullish by the investor community and the stock declines, investors should start asking more questions. Shareholders of Aurora Cannabis (ACB) find themselves in that situation with the stock trading down slightly on the news of buying the only licensed importer of medical cannabis in Mexico. The deal sounds too good to be true reinforcing my investment thesis of watching the price action in the stock for confirmation that a leader in the cannabis sector is headed in the right direction.
Read the full article on Seeking Alpha. 

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Erik Maurer said…
I found that site very usefull and this survey is very cirious, I ' ve never seen a blog that demand a survey for this actions, very curious... cannabis grow expert

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