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Chegg: New Issue To Follow

The ability to revolutionize the education process in the US and maybe even the world could make the education technology sector an interesting sector in the next decade. Chegg (CHGG) started off as a textbook rental firm, but it is quickly moving to the digital world of making a platform for high school and college students.

This is an interesting stock that Stone Fox Capital owns via an investment in GSV Capital (GSVC) that has it as a top 5 investment. Potential investors should listen to this interview with the CEO on CNBC this morning.

Chegg has slumped some 20% from an IPO pricing above the range at $12.50. The market doesn't appear ready for the education tech sector and especially a stock losing tons of money. This company offers the future potential of being the financial and social platform for higher education students.

Disclosure: Long GSVC. Please review the disclaimer page for more details. 


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