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Twitter Files S-1, GSV Capital To Soar

Anybody following this blog, knows that we've been bullish on the pre-IPO concept of GSV Capital (GSVC). The company is heavily invested in Twitter and will benefit greatly from a high flying IPO of Twitter.  With the news after hours that Twitter has filed the S-1 to go public, investors should expect GSV to soar from now to the IPO.

The company had Twitter listed as the largest investment valued at roughly $37M or 15% of the assets. With that valuation based on Twitter being worth rough $10B, GSV Capital will gain big time if it goes public in the $15B to $20B range.

Remember that GSV has plenty of other promising IPO candidates that could send the NAV soaring higher, but Twitter remains the highest profile and largest investment. As of writing this post, the stock is up some 17% after hours.

Disclosure: Long GSVC. Please review the disclaimer page for more details. 


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