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Fly Leasing: 6.5% Yield With Potential For 30% Gain

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The amazing part about the financial crisis is that numerous stocks that trade below audited book values are still feeling the lingering effects on investors' willingness to buy the stocks. No matter what the financials say quarter after quarter, the stocks continue trading below the accounting value and in some cases extremely below those levels while also generating profits. In the case of FLY Leasing (FLY), the stock trades considerably below the established book value while earning substantial income.

The company focuses on leasing airplanes to airlines all around the world with a renewed focus on buying new planes to replace an aging fleet compared to the competition. Both larger public competitors in Air Lease (AL) and AerCap Holdings (AER) have significantly newer fleets with longer average leases, but does that mean that FLY can't generate a solid return for investors?

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