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Apple's Cash Balances Approaching $150B

A lot is made about the cash balances at Apple (AAPL). In fact a recent article talked about the cash balances not being the $137B (see Apple Does Not Have $137B In Cash) normally used by analysts. The point of the article was that Apple doesn't actually have $137B in cash, but rather the amount is in other assets such as long-term marketable securities that accounts for the majority of the $137B thought to be cash.

Instead of dissecting whether the company has the cash invested into short-term and long-term securities (more on that later), the more important discussion is counting up the billions coming in the door. Apple is generating so much cash on a monthly basis that it could double the dividend without needing to worry whether the long-term securities are invested in durations of 1 year or 3 - 5 year investments.

Read the full article at Seeking Alpha.

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