Interesting Interview With Chegg CEO

While Chegg is a private firm, it is a top holding of GSV Capital (GSVC) allowing investors to profit from any gains by the online renter of textbooks. Considering GSVC is a small holding of the Opportunistic models, the CNBC interview with CEO Dan Rosenweig was intriguing. As of the end of Q3, Chegg was the 4th largest holding with a value of $14M or roughly 5.2% of the NAV of the company.

Rosenweig is the former COO at Yahoo (YHOO). He makes a compelling story for creating Chegg into a professionally oriented network for college students. As an investor in GSVC, the top positions of Twitter, Palantir, Violin Memory, and Dropbox are the reasons for owning that stock. The interview below was intriguing and further backs why an investment in GSVC is as much a reliance on the management team as research of the individual holdings.


Disclosure: Long GSVC. Please review the disclaimer page for more details. 



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