Blogging At The Motley Fool

For any of the Stone Fox Capital followers on Seeking Alpha, Mark Holder has begun blogging on the The Motley Blogging Network. So far 7 posts have been published. Readers can check out his posts here. A permanent link will be placed in the sidebar as well.

For at least the time being, Mark will continue publishing articles under Stone Fox Capital on Seeking Alpha as well.

Please let us know if you have any questions.


Pacioli said…
Hopefully you ultimately decide to stick with your own blog (and SeekingAlpha, if you must).

If you do end up moving to Motley Fool, you would certainly lose this reader. They put up so much worthless garbage over there.

Would hate to see you go. I have enjoyed your blog since coming across it a few months ago.
Mark Holder said…
Thanks for sharing your opinion. My ideas would still be my own so you only read my articles on that site if you want.

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