Elon Musk Debuts A Second Company

Anybody following this blog knows that Stone Fox Capital has been negative on Tesla Motors (TSLA) because the CEO, Elon Musk, is actively involved in multiple firms. In what is seen as his 3rd firm, SolarCity (SCTY) debuted to on the Nasdaq.

The CNBC interview this morning highlights the issue with him so focused on other firms. As only Chairman, it's odd for him to be interviewed along with the CEO. Typically its the CFO if anybody that shows up on tv. Note how the conversation goes directly towards Tesla when the CEO can't hear the interviewers.

Just the confusion on this interview highlights the risks in these stocks. Elon is clearly highly involved with this firm along with SpaceX. As the CEO of Tesla, he should be spending all of his time on that firm. The guy is obviously brilliant, but his competition is completely focused on one company and sector.

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Mark Holder said…
By the way, nice matching shirts!
Anonymous said…
At least spell and pronounce his name right... Elon Musk
Mark Holder said…
Oh well, I was close. :-)

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