Great Interivew With Millennial Media CEO

Anybody following this blog for the last six months knows that Stone Fox Capital has been extremely bullish on the independent mobile advertising sector. Velti (VELT) remains our favorite while Millennial Media (MM) has quickly become a second favorite pick. Unfortunately the latter has jumped from $12 to $14 this week.

The below interview on Mad Money has great review of the industry.

The most important statement was that mobile monetization is not a problem, the problem is the migration from desktop to mobile. As with any industry, the legacy company is impacted while the new company gains the benefits.

One part that concerns me is that Cramer didn't ask about the click fraud or click accidents on a mobile phone. The CEO mentioned the higher click thru rate, but it has largely been reported that users accidently click on mobile phones a lot more than desktops.

Disclsoure: Long VELT. Please review the disclaimer page for more details.


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