Out Fox The $treet

Introducing the new blog name.... Out Fox The $treet (outfoxthestreet.com). Obviously the blog name goes along with the 'Fox' concept of the firm, Stone Fox Capital Advisors, ran by Mark Holder. The blog will continue to have the same general information but will now separate the advisory functions from the blog posts that are provided for general information only and should never be used as investment advise.

Some of the reasons for choosing Out Fox The $treet. It was partially chosen because it just works with the firm name. Mainly though it highlights the concept of investing better by not being part of the herd that is Wall Street. Small independent firms or just individuals willing to do the work can easily outperform the larger mutual funds or hedge funds. For one, small amounts of money can be easily invested and also you have less corporate restrictions and decision makers hampering the quick decisions needed on Wall Street.

A couple of points from Wikipedia that highlight my interest with the phrase 'outfox'.

  • to beat in a competition of wits
  • victory of intelligence over both malevolence and brute strength
These two phrases highlight the goals of this blog to provide superior information and results over those of the general market and the so called experts on Wall Street that try to win via brute strength and size. The big guys don't always appear to be based on results hence why Mark is big on transparency and low costs.

Hope everybody likes the new name. Leave a comment and let me know. 



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