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Barton Biggs Backs our Melt Up Theory

Stone Fox Capital has been adamant that we expected the market to continue to melt up the rest of the year. From both a technical and fundamental view, it appears that the market needs to hit at least 1,200 to brush off the huge falloff from last year. Now when we get to that level it doesn't mean that we'll rush off to new highs above 1,550. Heck we won't even be close to the old highs and that is the part that so many shorts continue to miss. Yes, the market is up 50% off the lows but it's still so far from the highs. The level of the rebound is determined by the size of the drop.

Barton Biggs of Traxis Partners went on CNBC today and discussed this issue. Hes in the camp that the rally has plenty more room


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