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Capital Growth Fund up 21% for April

As recorded on Marketocracy, the Stone Fox Capital Growth Fund is up 21.33% MTD versus 8.72% for the SP500. Over a 14% out performance. YTD the fund is up over 10% and has out gained the SP500 my nearly 14% as well. For a very aggressive long fund, we're proud that the performance has been this strong with the market down 34% since starting on Marketocracy in June last year. The fund is now basically flat and has extremely outperformed in the strong market in March and April.

Friday was a huge day for the fund as the biggest holding, Riverbed (RVBD) surged over 20%. At its high around $18, the stock appears short term overbought so we trimmed 1,000 shares to bring our holdings to 2,750 or about 7.5% of the fund. Apple (AAPL) is now slightly the largest holding and it's had a stellar year as well. The 3rd largest holding, Millicom (MICC), appears to be breaking out as well. MICC has huge room for advancement and might be one of the biggest winners over the next month. GMarket was another huge winner in April that we recently sold on the EBay buyout. Combined with the RVBD sells, the fund now has nearly 15% in cash which is an extremely high amount. We're looking at some financial instritutions like adding to the minor Regions Financial (RF) position or Hartford Insurance (HIG). Both have tremendous upside if they can get past the stress test situation. HIG particularly could surge if the market continues to move up. The SP500 above 900 brings HIGs book value to around $50 back into reality.

Stayed tuned to Capital Growth. It's designed for growth to take advantage of the average market gains. Being break even in an extremely negative market puts this fund to greatly exceed by the time this market gets back to break even down the road.


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