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More Signs of a Housing Bottom in Orange County

Interesting article in the LA Times about a real estate boom in Santa Anna. 10x the sales volume of last year and houses receiving multiple offers sure sounds like a bottom. When somebody has to make an offer on 3 houses before getting a house, its difficult for the market to fall. Definitely a sign of demand outstripping supply at the current levels though its key to note that its 45% below the peak levels. Still, investors will have more confidence in banks once the housing market has hit bottom. Banks also will be more willing to lend money. Also, its interesting to note how bearish the article is about possible future declines due to job loses and such. Overly bearish if you ask me.

  • All told, 357 homes in Santa Ana were in escrow in October, almost 10 times the volume of a year ago.
  • Debini said the house they bought was actually the third they bid on. All of the foreclosed houses they pursued drew multiple offers, and they were outbid in their two previous attempts, she said.


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