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Chart of the Day: Capitulation Phase Over?

Actually this is the Chartiest of the Day report. Carter Worth on CNBC gave his reasonings for the market lows being hit on Oct 1oth follow by the lower low on Nov 21st which technically confirmed the Oct low since it only stayed below for 1 day. Carter was pretty accurate on the way down so I have faith in the guy. Interesting view which makes it seem like you should accumulate stocks around the S&P 840 low and look to sell any big gains at close to 990 at least for now. The market has clearly oversold, but he makes some good points on why the market won't rally big for now.

He also said that because we've breached the lows of Oct. 10, in the short term, the market will be directionless. “The capitulation phase of the bear market is over. Now we’re heading into the apathy phase,” he says. “We’re stuck in a range with 990 being the top and 790 being the bottom.”

Interesting comments on BMY. BMY has been one of our favorites in the Net Payout Yield portfolio.


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