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Apple: Hope For A 'Normal' Dividend Hike

Apple finally announced the actual repatriation tax hit at $38 billion.
The company plans to spend aggressively on capital expenditures and hiring in the U.S., squashing any likely big-scale acquisition.
Investors should expect a standard 10% dividend hike each of the next two fiscal years in line with historical dividend hikes.
Any shift from the standard dividend hike and capital return plans would actually signal a negative view of the future.
Despite all of the recent debates regarding the repatriation tax including in the comments section of my previous article and forecasts of a ramped up capital return plan, Apple (AAPL) has so far not made any statements regarding changing existing plans. For numerous reasons, investors should want the tech giant to keep trucking along with the existing capital return plans and stick to a 'normal' dividend hike.
Read the full article on Seeking Alpha. 

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