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3 GSV Capital Numbers You Shouldn't Miss

For investors that only read the earnings headlines, a ton of additional information can usually be gleaned from the related conference calls. The recent earnings call for GSV Capital (NASDAQ: GSVC) provided some interesting nuggets regarding Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) and the general IPO market.

GSV Capital is a publicly traded investment fund still going through its early stages, with investments in venture-backed private companies only now developing into public firms on a constant basis. The fund provides the small investor access to pre-IPO stocks where a Twitter stake can be obtained at a lower cost than the IPO price. Unfortunately, the positions also come with a high management cost and still unpredictable results. Chegg's recent IPO could provide more insight into whether the education technology theme plays out better than the initial trading of Violin Memory (NYSE: VMEM).

Read the full article here.

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