IB Net Payout Yields Model

Performance Review - Net Payout Yield

The Net Payout Yield Portfolio continues to report strong results. Over the last year, the portfolio is up 11.74% compared to the SP500. The Portfolio is also up nearly 10% YTD. Incredible results with a turnover rate of only 14% over the last year.

This portfolio has beaten the SP500 each year over the last 3 years since we began tracking. For that time period, we're up 14.5% versus the market. FYI....only the last 16 months or so are being tracked on marketocracy.com, but the results have been better since we began using their system.

Investments in CSX and Agrium (AGU) have been very profitable with gains around 40% since purchases earlier this summer. A solid rally in our biggest investment, Banco Itau (ITUB), has definitely helped results. In general though, the solid dividends and stock buybacks by the stocks we invest in continue to benefit the stocks as the market recovers. Companies that have cash to give to shareholders tend to be much better investments long term.

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Last Week -0.71%
Last Month 7.07%
Last 3 Months 12.99%
Last 6 Months 23.31%
Last 12 Months 40.24%
Last 2 Years N/A
Last 3 Years N/A
Last 5 Years N/A
Since Inception -0.09%
(Annualized) -0.07%
Last Week -0.91%
Last Month 5.50%
Last 3 Months 8.76%
Last 6 Months 18.25%
Last 12 Months 29.51%
Last 2 Years N/A
Last 3 Years N/A
Last 5 Years N/A
Since Inception -9.64%
(Annualized) -7.27%
Last Week 0.20%
Last Month 1.58%
Last 3 Months 4.23%
Last 6 Months 5.06%
Last 12 Months 10.74%
Last 2 Years N/A
Last 3 Years N/A
Last 5 Years N/A
Since Inception 9.54%
(Annualized) 7.20%

** all returns are shown assuming 2%+ fees while Stone Fox Capital only charges 1%. All numbers should be adjusted according. For example, the Annualized number would be 1% higher or 8.2%.


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