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Once SHLD Breaks $70 Its off to $100

Sears Holdings (SHLD) looks poised to breakout. Once above $70, the next stop is likely $100. Now the market seems do for a pullback according to most analysts and media outlets, but not much of that happened when the market fell off the cliff last fall.

Its currently solidly above the 20EMA which is above the 50EMA which is above the 200EMA. Its a beautiful chart once it breaks $70. Its also will have clear higher lows and higher highs at that point. Until something changes don't fight the trend.

Also, ignore all the nonsense about SHLD as a company. They have a ton of assets not fairly valued in the current market. SHLD can easily surpass old highs.

Dicks Sporting Goods (DKS) has a similar chart and setup. Any move above the current close at $20 solidifies a breakout that has some resistance around $24, but mostly opens up the stock to a move back to $30.

Both moves net close to the same game so pick your stock. Most people favor DKS for its better run operation, but SHLD likely has more upside as the economy recovers.

Edit 8/6: Once SHLD broke $70 on Wed its surged all the way to $74.81 on Thu. Plenty more room to run now that $70 will be support.


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