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Trade: Added Rigel Pharma

Rigel (RIGL) is an intriguing biotech stock. It has the potential for a blockbuster drug in RA and the biotech sector is compelling with the big pharma companies on the prowl. PFE would've been wiser to buy up somebody like Rigel (RIGL) or some other favorites like Onyxx Pharma (ONXX) or Savient (SVNT). If you want to develop a pipeline, then why not buy all 3 and get access to several potential blockbusters. Regardless, these companies are solid without them.

Not being a biotech expert, check out this story on Rigel from Hammer Stock.

  • Rigel’s lead drug, R788, is currently being evaluated in two comparative trials in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), a $14 billion indication. During most of 2008, R788 was considered to be one the most promising drugs in the biotech industry, but an update at last year’s ACR meeting raised doubts regarding the safety profile of R788, as reviewed in my recent article on Rigel. According to the company, the safety data from the ACR meeting did not affect its negotiation leverage, as the potential partners had access to the data before it was published, so nothing came as a surprise to them.
With a market cap of only $270M and the potential of a blockbuster drug, Rigel is very speculative with a lot of potential reward. Just what I'm for in a very depressed market.


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