Square: Not Pricing In Q2 Weakness

Square rallies near yearly highs after Q1 results.
The company should report a large decline in Q2 payments volumes and an EBITDA loss.
The stock trades at an insane 65x normalized EBITDA targets that are unlikely to be obtainable even in 2021.
Despite the obvious long-term impact of the coronavirus to Square (SQ) small business customers, the stock is now back close to yearly highs. The company faces a tough road ahead with a material impact to business in the current quarter and a questionable future. My investment thesis was bullish on a rebound at the lows near $40, but the stock is no longer appealing above $75.
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Anonymous said…
Out fox the $treet... OMG that's a clever little play on S vs $! I can see why you're so successful, with your generic Blogger template!

Anonymous said…
Hey, can you tell us more about how COVID-19 isn't real? And how 88k deaths as of now aren't really due to it? And how it will go away like a miracle?

Haha, you're a clown.
Anonymous said…
I love reading this fucking idiot's posts from February and April. He was never willing to even consider his take on the virus's impact, and the national response, would have widespread impact for more than a week or two. How many bottoms can you call? How are SSI, UAL, DAL, LC, and all of those other securities you've relentlessly pitched trading?

Mark "Bag" Holder, get the fuck out of my market. You're a woefully uninformed piece of shit masquerading as an analyst/PM, and an arrogant cunt too stupid to know just how stupid you are. You never raised LP money because anyone that has interacted with you for more than 10 minutes can quickly realize how mentally incompetent you are, and so you are forced to write click bait bullshit on SeekingAlpha and your piece of shit blog. I'd love to see the look on a prospective LP's face when you give them a tour of your office...which is a dump of a house in fucking Oklahoma. Go back to your WorldCom scam and wipe that stupid fucking smirk off your LinkedIn profile picture. You have nothing in your life worth smiling over.
Anonymous said…
LOL, some of his greatest hits:

"The number of cases aren't growing exponentially."
Mar 7, 2020.

"@pohzzer has been anywhere close to correct. This isn't a global pandemic. The death toll may not even reach 4K people. A pandemic needs far more deaths and infected cases outside of one major city in China."
Mar 6, 2020.

"So why didn't the rest of China spread the virus? People around the world will start taking extra precautions and the virus won't spread."
Mar 6, 2020

"This virus is going to get Trump re-elected. The media coverage is just absurd. More people died with SINI under Obama, yet Covid-19 is getting pandemic coverage (probably in an attempt to hurt Trump)."
Mar 6, 2020.

"So you think China stopped containment, but the Western world can't? smh. The amount of active cases continue to decline... end of story."
Mar 5, 2020.
Anonymous said…
Haha, just noticed this:

"formally worked as a financial analyst in the telecom industry"

Formally? Really? How fucking cute.
Anonymous said…
There are a lot of gems of his I saved. I got him on record with some peaches. Check out the UAL article from the top of March he posted to SA. Incredible.

The fucking bozo used to work for WORLDCOM as a revenue accountant. You can't make this shit up. He's a lifetime loser and a fraud. Check out his LinkedIn profile, it's pathetic. Don't get it mixed up with the guy from Citadel....

Anonymous said…
I'm glad to see others on SA have opened their eyes to just how fucking stupid this moron is. You're a waste of space, Mark.
Anonymous said…
OMG, he's really a fucking retard. It's amazing he can even navigate the internet.
Anonymous said…
100k deaths now... U S A! U S A! We're #1!

>"@pohzzer has been anywhere close to correct. This isn't a global pandemic. The death toll may not even reach 4K people. A pandemic needs far more deaths and infected cases outside of one major city in China."
Stone Fox Capital, Mar 6, 2020.

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