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AMD: Work From Home Boost

The Work From Home economy is set to boost data center demand.
AMD is poised to take market share from Intel in the growing data center space.
The stock has long term EPS potential above $3 making the stock a bargain down at $40.
The work from home economy has already boosted several companies in the virtual space which should lead to higher data center demand. While Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has held up well in the downturn, investors have probably missed the boost in demand the company could see from the data center segment. My investment thesis continues to see the stock as a very compelling buy anywhere below $50.
Read the full article on Seeking Alpha. 
Update - March 27

Don't see the recent lows being broken. The risk is to the update as virus totals dip over the weekend in Europe and the US potentially hit peak new cases here soon.

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