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AMD: Full Value Myth

AMD has taken a performance lead with the release of the Epyc 2 chips.
New customers like Twitter and Google provide more confidence for 20% market share in the data center space.
AMD doesn't trade at full value at $30.
The stock has reasonable targets of $10 billion in revenues and a $1.75 EPS.
For a few years now, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has attempted to reach the inflection point where their chips reached the price and performance that customers couldn't resist switching from the safety of the Intel (INTC) brand. The horizon was constantly shifting, causing consternation with the market participants that lacked faith in CEO Lisa Su and CTO Mark Papermaster. The release of Epyc 2 and other 7nm products finally has the company at the inflection point, allowing for disproof of the valuation myth and confirmation of our bullish investment thesis even with the stock up at $30.
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