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Facebook: Not Clear Yet

Facebook smashed Q3 EPS estimates as analysts likely overcorrected on cost estimates.
The social networking platform still faces significant margin pressure in 2019.
2019 analyst estimates still need to contract before investors can get an all-clear on the stock at the $150 level.
Prior to its Q3 earnings report, my investment thesis on Facebook(NASDAQ:FB) was focused on the double hits the company was taking for the same issues. The thesis further supported that the social networking giant was likely to beat estimates, as costs failed to materialize as projected. The stock is a Buy with a $150 reference point as soon as analysts lower EPS estimates for 2019.
Read the full article on Seeking Alpha. 
11/16 Update
The NYT report highlights further regulator risk with the stock. Below $140, investors should continue avoiding the stock as suggested when the double bottom at $150 broke. Let the stock settle out before turning positive here. 

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