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Glu Mobile: Katy Perry Pop Game Targets

With the soft release of the Katy Perry Pop game yesterday,  Glu Mobile (GLUU) investors need to keep in mind the following records set with the release of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. A lot of the milestones provided by Glu Mobile aren't specific numbers so some difficulty exists in matching up the success of the two games. Guess the ultimate key is reaching the #5 top grossing position on the iPhone.

Glu milestones include:
  • Single-day total company revenue record
  • Highest single-day DAU in company history (10M+)
  • Glu overall single-day revenues exceeding the previous one-day record each of the last 18 days
  • Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood simultaneously achieved #1 and #3 chart position on U.S. App Store Top Free for iPhone
Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores milestones include: 
  • Single-day Glu record of (1.5M+) downloads globally from an individual Glu title
  • Glu record (5.7M+) downloads in first 5 days of global release
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood milestones include:
  • Record single-day revenue from an individual title, surpassing previous record set by Deer Hunter 2014
  • Single-day revenues have exceeded Deer Hunter 2014's previous single-day revenue record for 16 of the last 18 days
  • Reached #5 U.S. App Store Top Grossing chart position for iPhone
  • Highest sustained ARPDAU for a single Glu title in its initial 18 days of worldwide release

The iPhone installed base is significantly lager nearly 18 months later so a similar top 5 grossing position will generate more revenue. KKH ultimately produced $43.4 million in revenue during the first full quarter last Q3. 

Glu Mobile is an extremely cheap stock if KKP can follow that path. With the official launch tomorrow, the stock should start heating up. The game is now the #5 downloaded in the Adventure category and around the top 50 for all games. 

Disclosure: Long GLUU. Please review the disclaimer page for more details


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