IB Net Payout Yields Model

Net Payout Yields - Top Risk-Adjusted Returns

According to Covestor, the Net Payout Yields model has the top risk-adjusted returns on the platform over the last 365 days. As of results through February 20, the model had a Sharpe ratio of 1.98 and slightly edged out a couple of models listed below at 1.89. In total, the platform has 129 models that it beat out for the top spot.

The Sharpe ratio is a measure of excess return per unit of risk. Risk is measured in terms of volatility and excess return is measured as the investment performance greater than the risk free rate. A higher Sharpe ratio indicates more return for each unit of risk taken (a superior risk-adjusted performance.)

Disclaimer: Historical results are not indicative of future performance. Positive results are not guaranteed and individual results will vary depending on market conditions. Investing may cause capital loss. Please review the disclaimer page of the blog for more details. 


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