IB Net Payout Yields Model

Net Payout Yields - 4 Years Of Beating The Market

The Net Payout Yields model on Covestor has now beaten the benchmark S&P 500 for all 4 years on the investing platform. In addition, the model is slightly ahead starting the 5th year and it's exceeded the benchmark by at least one percentage point each of those 4 years.

Most importantly though for investors looking for a conservative portfolio to grow retirement funds or reduce total risk, the model has a beta of only 0.90. This means the concept is less volatile and risky than owning the S&P 500 index directly. In addition, Covestor calculates several other ratios to highlight the benefits and reduced risk of the model for any interested investors.

Please click on the link to invest directly via the online Covestor platform.

Disclosure: Historical results are not indicative of future performance. Positive results are not guaranteed and individual results will vary depending on market conditions. Investing may cause capital loss. Please review the disclaimer page of the blog for more details. 


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