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Peabody Energy Still Faces A Tough Coal Industry


  • Peabody Energy reported Q3'14 earnings that generally beat estimates.
  • The company continues to forecast an oversupply of coal despite solid global demand.
  • The stock remains beaten down, but it needs catalysts to turn around before it becomes a buy.
 Reading through the Peabody Energy (NYSE:BTU) quarterly transcript and the absolute numbers are horrible. The domestic coal miner continues to face an industry with short-term oversupply and promising long-term global demand scenarios. The stock remains in a downtrend, but one prime reason to not give up tracking the stock were the rebounds in the steel stocks. US Steel Group (NYSE:X) is a major user of metallurgical coal and faced a similar weak outlook back in mid-2013, yet the stock went on to soar roughly 150% in the following year. At some point, the supply and demand equation could reverse back in favor of coal miners similar to how it has for domestic steel producers.

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