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Velti's Future Might Not Be That Cloudy

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With the mobile advertising market booming, the continued collapse of Velti (VELT) has remained perplexing. The company famously faced a cash crunch due to extremely long payment terms to only collapse after seeing the EBITDA and income plunge after cutting that business. The question still remains why cut a profitable business because of slow payments.

The company is a global provider of mobile marketing and advertising technology and solutions that helps brands, advertising agencies, mobile operators and media to implement mobile campaigns.

While the decision to cut the slow paying customers that would not agree to faster payment terms appeared correct, it hasn't helped the company or the stock yet. The irony continues to be that those customers also accounted for a decent part of EBITDA and earnings pushing the stock down further from above $10 in September to spending most of the last few months below $2. Clearly the market misunderstood slow paying customers for unprofitable ones. The market has taught Velti an important lesson that it doesn't always want what it claims. The question now is whether the clouds hanging over Velti will eventually disperse as the new plan comes to fruition later this year.

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